Error installing the Guardium Installation Manager (GIM)

If GIM does not install properly, create the directory manually.


When you attempt to install the Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) on RHEL6, you see the following error message.

cp: cannot stat `/usr/local/GIM/modules/central_logger.log': No such file or directory Installation failed


Various Linux distributions such as RedHat 6 deprecated the use of the traditional init daemon that uses the etc/inittab file. They replaced it with an init process called Upstart. Upstart uses the /etc/event.d and /etc/init directories for the automated start, stop, and respawn of processes.


The Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) is affected.

Resolving the problem

To fix the issue, complete the following steps.

  • Remove the partial GIM installation.
  • Create the /etc/event.d directory manually with the command mkdir /etc/event.d
  • Run the GIM installer.