Accessibility features

Accessibility features help a user who has a physical disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use a software product successfully.

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The major accessibility features in this product enable users to perform the following activities:

  • Use assistive technologies such as screen readers and screen magnifier software. Consult the assistive technology documentation for specific information when using it to access z/OS® interfaces.
  • Customize display attributes such as color, contrast, and font size.
  • Operate specific or equivalent features by using only the keyboard. Refer to the following publications for information about accessing ISPF interfaces:
    • z/OS ISPF User's Guide, Volume 1
    • z/OS TSO/E Primer
    • z/OS TSO/E User's Guide

    These guides describe how to use the ISPF interface, including the use of keyboard shortcuts or function keys (PF keys), include the default settings for the PF keys, and explain how to modify their functions.

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This product also provides keyboard shortcuts to perform all of the functions that can be performed with a mouse. See "Cross reference to a Keyboard shortcuts" topic" for more information.