Actual Member Content

Use the Actual Member Content field to define how objects are labeled by the Add to Group of Objects rule action.

Table 1.
Actual Member Content Selection Value in Group
Object Name Only tableName
Like Name% tableName%
Like %Name %tableName
Like %Name% %tableName%
%/%.Name %%.tableName
Fully Qualified Name schemaName.tableName
Like Full% schemaName.tableName%
Like %Full %schemaName.tableName
Like %Full% %schemaName.tableName%
%/Full %%.schemaName.tableName
Read/%.Name Read/%.tableName
Change/%.Name Change/%.tableName
Read/Full Read/schemaName.tableName
Change/Full Change/schemaName.tableName
If your rules return the table name JJ_CREDIT_CARD from the schema DB2INST1, and you have specified an Add to Group of Objects action, the Actual Member Content selections behaves as follows:
  • Selecting Fully Qualified Name adds DB2INST1.JJ_CREDIT_CARD to the selected group.
  • Selecting Object Name Only adds JJ_CREDIT_CARD to the selected group.
  • Selecting Change/Full adds Change/DB2INST1.JJ_CREDIT_CARD to the selected group.