Filtering an individual chart

About this task

You can filter an individual chart. The chart filter icon becomes red when specific filters are set for a chart that are different than the general dashboard filters. Hover over the icon to see which filters are used in that chart.

A chart can have filters set as inactive, which means the chart data is not filtered by that field. This enables Guardium to display other items, in addition to the ones related to the case, that may be similar or in some way provide additional insight into the investigation.
Example: While investigating activity on a server, you want to compare one of the charts with data from other servers. This is possible by deactivating the Server filter for just that one chart. To do this, you would click the chart filter icon and select the Inactive radio button for the Server row.


  1. Click the chart filter icon. The Chart Filter Settings opens.
  2. Click or clear the radio buttons as relevant, and click Apply.