Allocating auxiliary storage

z/OS auxiliary storage consists of DASD space that is allocated to the local page data sets. It is used as temporary backup storage for programs and data located in virtual and physical memory. IBM Guardium S-TAP for Data Sets can allocate auxiliary storage space if the OUTAGE_SPILLAREA_SIZE parameter is set in accordance with the following requirements.

  • The OUTAGE_SPILLAREA_SIZE parameter option instructs the address space to allocate a data space equal in size to the value that you set for OUTAGE_SPILLAREA_SIZE.
  • Verify that the current local page space can accommodate a new data space.


Specifying OUTAGE_SPILLAREA_SIZE=64 instructs the address space to allocate 64 MB of data space.

Refer to the z/OS® MVS™ Initialization and Tuning guide for more information about sizing local page data sets.