IMS database DLI calls

IBM Security Guardium S-TAP for IMS can filter audit events generated by database DLI calls by the following call types: Read, Update, Insert, and Delete.

Note: Database DLI calls that do not result in a DBPCB status code of blanks, GA, or GK, are not audited unless the IMS policy indicates that one or more non-blank DLI codes should be reported. DLI calls performed using an IOPCB or TPPCB are not audited.

Database DLI calls issued from specific PSBs and user IDs can be included or excluded from auditing. PSB names and user IDs can be specified for auditing using fully qualified names, or by using wildcard characters.

Further filtering can be performed by including or excluding specific database and segment names. Wildcard support is available for both the database and segment name.

When auditing IMS DLI calls, you can obtain the concatenated key value of segments that are audited for all or specific database DLI calls, as well as the segment data for UPDATE, and INSERT calls. The segment data can also be obtained for READ and UPDATE calls where these calls are logically linked in the Guardium appliance to provide a before and after image of updated segments.