Configure the IBM Security Guardium S-TAP for IMS Agent task

Agent configuration keyword AUIAOE00_EXIT(Y|N) supports DBR command auditing. AUIAOE00 does not run in the Agent task address space. However, you must make configuration changes to allow AUIAOE00 to share memory with the Log Task AUILstc.

About this task

AUIAOE00 monitors whether:
  • the Agent task is or is not running
  • the Agent task configuration has changed
  • the security policy has been changed
If any change in status is registered, messages AUII206I and AUII207I are written to the IMS Control Region Job Log.


  1. Set existing configuration keyword IMSL_CYCLE_INTERVAL to > 0.
  2. Set existing keyword IMSL_AUDIT_LEVELS to ALL or DB_PSB.