IBM Guardium S-TAP for Data Sets started task commands

If you are an authorized user, you can enter commands to display the status of IBM Guardium S-TAP for Data Sets enable and disable certain functions, and dynamically alter processing without shutting down or quiescing the system.


Enter operator commands from an MVS™ operator console, or by using a facility that issues MVS commands, such as SDSF.

The command format is MODIFYstcname, where stcname is the name of the started task, followed by the DISPLAY command.

For example, for record level monitoring, you can enter: MODIFYstcname,DISPLAY RLM. You can also use the shorthand for MODIFY, which is F to enter Fstcname,DISPLAY RLM.

The following table summarizes the commands for displaying monitoring status and for enabling or disabling monitoring:

Table 1. Started task commands and descriptions
Command Description
DISPLAY RLM Indicates whether record level monitoring is enabled or disabled
DISPLAY SMFM Indicates whether SMF monitoring is enabled or disabled
ENABLE RLM Enables record level monitoring
DISABLE RLM Disables record level monitoring
ENABLE SMFM Enables SMF monitoring
DISABLE SMFM Disables SMF monitoring
DISPLAY STREAM Indicates whether audit records are being sent to the appliance
DIAG Displays diagnostic information about the agent. Also displays the counters, which record the number of SMF-based and RLM-based audit records that are created as well as the number of audit records that are sent to the appliance.
STATUS Displays the connection and policy status of the S-TAP. In FAILOVER mode, the command output contains the connection status to the primary appliance server. Otherwise, the command shows the connection status of each appliance specified in the configuration.