Data Protection Dashboard

The Guardium data protection dashboard provides a summary view of risk and compliance data intended for senior-level security officers.

The data protection dashboard contains several charts and graphs in addition to compliance and risk statistics designed for continuous display on a large monitor. To open the dashboard, navigate to Investigate > Guardium Data Protection Dashboard.

The session will not expire and you will not be automatically logged out while viewing the data protection dashboard. Use care when leaving dashboard open for long periods of time.
  • The dashboard automatically refreshes every 20 minutes.
  • The default search settings are for distributed search with data collected from the previous one day.

Charts and graphs

Several line charts allow you to quickly compare different types of data. For example, a chart can display the volume of activities, errors, and violations over time.

An Anomalous activities chart displays a summary of outliers in relation to overall activity. On this chart, an outliers summary dot represents an unexpected volume of outliers.

Information: The y-axis of these charts is a log axis and may distort the chart proportions, and the values or counts are not logged.

Risk and compliance statistics

The Risk statistic shows the number of tests that failed with critical severity and the number of datasources where those failure occurred. Each datasource can have multiple failed tests.

Monitored datasources shows the number of datasources for which the system is logging activities. This statistic is calculated by looking at the available access domain data.

Compliance to-do list tasks shows the following summary of audit processes: the number of processes that were closed today, the number of processes that have been open for less than three days, and the number of processes that have been open for more than three days.

  • Statistics are not affected by facet and text search filters, but statistics are affected by the search mode. To change the search mode, use the expand pane control to expand the top pane, then click the search mode icon to toggle between distributed and local search.
  • The statistics components are recalculated once every hour.