Build Expression on Query condition

Use the Add Expression icon, next to the Value, Parameter, Attribute selections, to enter Query Conditions including user-defined string and mathematical expressions.

Use this feature when you need to add a condition that is based not on the entire content of the attribute as is, but on part of the attribute, a function of the attribute, or a function that combines more than one attribute.

An example is: INSTR(:attribute, '150.1') = 5, which will return all instances of Client IP matching the five characters listed. Type the character 5 in the entry box next to the Add Expression icon. Type the INSTR(:attribute, '150.1') expression in the separate Build Expression window. Test the validity of the expression in the Build Expression window. Another example is: LENGTH(:attribute) >= 40, which will return the length of any SQL statement greater than 40 characters. The expression may (or may not) contain references to the actual attribute and can also contain references to other attributes.