Cannot convert Guardium collector to aggregator

If you cannot convert a Guardium collector to a Central Manager aggregator, reinstall Guardium and select aggregator during installation.


You try to convert a Guardium collector to an aggregator with the command store unit type manager aggregator.

However, the following command shows that the unit type is still listed as manager.

> show unit type


A collector cannot be converted to an aggregator with a CLI command.


Guardium collectors are affected.

Resolving the problem

To convert a collector to an aggregator, reinstall the Guardium product and select aggregator as the unit type during installation. After you install the aggregator, you can convert it to a central manager aggregator with the command store unit type manager.

Central Manager/Aggregator enforcement
Starting with v9.5 (v9.0 patch 500), the application will enforce that a Central Manager has to be an Aggregator-type appliance. This would mean that starting with v9.5, only aggregator-type appliances would be promotable to the Central Manager appliance. Pre-existing pre-v9.5 CM appliances are not subject to this change.