Windows: Installing S-TAP agent with GIM (v10.1.4)

The Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) is the recommended method for installing S-TAPs on your database servers. GIM enables you to install, upgrade, and manage agents on individual servers or groups of servers. This includes monitoring processes that were installed under its control, modifying agent parameters, and performing other management tasks.

Before you begin

Verify the following before you begin:
  • Review the Windows S-TAP installation requirements at Windows: Prerequisites: installing S-TAP.
  • Verify that your database server and operating system are supported.
  • Verify that the intended S-TAP installation directory is empty or does not exist.
  • The GIM client is installed on the database server where you will install an S-TAP.
  • The GIM client on the database server is communicating with the Guardium system.
  • Obtain the S-TAP module from either Fix Central, or your Guardium representative.

About this task

After installing a GIM client on the database server, installation of the S-TAP for Windows is scheduled from the Guardium system.

The only required parameter is WINSTAP_INSTALL_DIR.

The parameter WINSTAP_INSTALL_DIR cannot be modified after the installation. All other parameters can be modified after installation.

You can input any parameter in the Setup by Client page, in the Choose parameters ribbon, using the command WINSTAP_CMD_LINE with the syntax parameter=value for [TAP] parameters, or with the syntax -param value for CLI parameters (Windows: S-TAP command line installation parameters), and they are added or updated in the guard_tap.ini.

There is no validation of input to this field.


  1. Upload the Windows S-TAP module for installation.
    1. On the Guardium system, navigate to Manage > Module Installation > Upload Modules.
    2. Click Choose File and select the S-TAP module you want to install.
    3. Click Upload to upload the module to the Guardium system. After uploading, the module will be listed in the Import Uploaded Modules table.
    4. In the Import Uploaded Modules table, click the check box next to the S-TAP module you want to install. The module will be imported and made available for installation. After the module is imported, the Upload Modules page will be reset and the Import Uploaded Modules table will be empty.
  2. Follow the GIM instructions in Set up by Client and refer to Windows: S-TAP GIM installation parameters.
    • While the default parameters are acceptable for most installations, you are required to provide a WINSTAP_INSTALL_DIR value. The default value is C:/Program Files/IBM/Windows S-TAP. This is the only required parameter.
    • If WINSTAP_TAP_IP (equivalent to the -taphost command line parameter) is not specified, the GIM_CLIENT_IP value is used.
    • If WINSTAP_SQLGUARD_IP (equivalent to the -appliance command line parameter) is not specified, the GIM_URL value is used.
    • Optionally enable enterprise load balancing. See the parameter description in Windows: S-TAP GIM installation parameters.
    • To enable auto_discovery of database instances, set WINSTAP_NOAUTODISCOVERY to 0.

What to do next

Monitor installation of the S-TAP module using the Module Status table on the Common Modules screen. You can also view the status of the module installation by reviewing the report at Manage > Reports > Install Management > GIM Clients Status.

Verify that the S-TAP is communicating with the Guardium system by navigating to Manage > Activity Monitoring > S-TAP Control and reviewing the S-TAPs status and configuration.