Customizing the agent JCL

The SAUISAMP member AUIASTC provides a sample JCL that can be used for the agent started task. This topic describes how to customize the JCL.

Before you begin

In environments where multiple agents connect to a common IBM Guardium system or appliance, the z/OS agent started task names (AUIASTC, AUILSTC, AUIFSTC) must be unique. Unique started task names enable the IBM Security Guardium S-TAP for IMS policies that are pushed from the IBM Guardium system to be attributed to, and monitored by, the correct z/OS agent.


  1. Edit SAUISAMP members AUIASTC, AUIFSTC, AUILSTC and AUIUSTC by running the ISPF edit macro.
  2. Modify the CFG=AUI.V100.AGTCFG(AUICONFG) in AUIASTC to specify the location of the customized configuration data set for the agent created in the previous section.
  3. Optional: You can rename the AUIASTC member to any character name that is valid for started tasks in your environment.
  4. Optional: You can rename the AUIFSTC, AUILSTC, and AUIUSTC. AUIFSTC, AUILSTC, and AUIUSTC names should match the values of the IMSL_PROC_NAME, SMF_PROC_NAME, and AUIU_PROC_NAME keywords that you supply in the configuration file.
  5. Copy the AUIASTC, AUIFSTC, AUILSTC and AUIUSTC members to the PROCLIB for the site.
    Contact the z/OS systems programmer to determine the location of the PROCLIB.
    Note: APF authorization of the AUILOAD file is required for each of these members before they are started.