ADHQ1060I ZIIP SUPPORT IS NOT ACTIVE. nnnnnnnn RC=yy RSN=zzzzzzzz nnnnnnnn is the name of the service that failed with a nonzero return code (RC).


Table 1. Return code explanations
Service Description
IWM4ECRE (WLM Enclave Create) The return codes and reason codes are documented in z/OS V1R10.0 MVS™ Programming Workload Management Services.
IWM4EoCT (WLM CPU Offload Time Service) The return codes and reason codes are not documented in any existing WLM manual. However, RC=4 typically means no zIIP is configured on the instance of z/OS®. If you have a zIIP processor and it is properly configured, report the RC to the vendor.
MAXWFLOAD (Enclave SRB load service) An error occurred trying to LOAD ADHMAXWF (the enclave SRB routine that runs on the zIIP). Make sure you have the correct STEPLIB configured.
IEAVAPE (Z/OS Allocate Pause Element) These return codes are described in z/OS V1R10.0 MVS Programming Assembler Services References V2. If the ADHQ1060I has IEAVAPE has the failing service, contact the vendor for resolution.