ADHA507E Callable service invocation failed with return code = rc and reason code = rs


A callable service invocation failed with a return code and reason code that are identified in the message.

User response

Refer to the IBM Db2 for z/OS® product documentation for an explanation of this reason and return code.

Common causes of this error include:
Insufficient authorization to ADH PLAN specified in the control file
If either of these issues are indicated by the reason code, verify that SAMPLIB member ADHGRANT was customized and submitted during configuration of the IBM® Guardium® S-TAP® for Db2® agent.
A DB2® Trace is currently running
Issue the Db2 command -DISPLAY TRACE to view info about any audit traces that might still be running. If audit traces are running, stop them by using the Db2 command -STOP TRACE and then restart the agent. If this does not resolve the problem, check for the existence of additional messages.

If the problem is not resolved after attempting all user responses for existing additional messages, contact IBM Software Support.