Downloading support scripts

Guardium® Insights provides support tools and troubleshooting scripts that you can use as directed by the IBM Support team. Use the cpctl utility to access the scripts.

Before you begin

Install the cpctl utility as described in Troubleshooting with the cpctl utility.


  1. From cpctl, issue the command to display the scripts for download.
     ./cpctl tools GI_scripts_list --token $(oc whoami -t)


    The token is the OpenShift® administrative user token.

  2. When you run the command, the output includes a list of the available files and the command that you need to download the files. For example,
    Script files available for download
    To download a script to your workstation run oc rsync staging-cp-serviceability-795688bf68-lb2xp:/etc/ansible/roles/GI/GI_scripts/files/<script file> ./<directory>
    oc rsync staging-cp-serviceability-df44b8c97-tk9pc:/etc/ansible/roles/GI/GI_scripts_list/files/ ./
  3. Run the appropriate command that you need to download the script to your local workstation.