Automated installation on IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Install Guardium Insights on IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Gen 2 with OCS storage class by using the automated all-in-one script.

Before you begin

  • Before proceeding with the installation, make sure your environment meets the System requirements and prerequisites and Hardware cluster requirements. Prepare for installation and log in to the OpenShift® command line interface.
  • For a small-sized Guardium Insights deployment, you require an 8-node cluster. Each node must be assigned with a 16-core CPU and 64 GB RAM.
  • You must have a subnet in the zone in which you create a VPC.
  • The following permissions are required to create VPCs and clusters:permissions

About this task

To install Guardium Insights, you must create a Red Hat OpenShift cluster in the Virtual Private Cloud. Then, download the Guardium Insights CASE file, set up environment for dependencies, and edit the values configuration file. Finally, run the automated all-in one-script and verify that the installation is successful.