Starter production hardware cluster requirements

You must have cluster administrator (cluster-admin) privileges in order to set up Guardium® Insights. In addition to this and the OpenShift® Container Platform base hardware requirements (also included in the below table), Guardium Insights requires worker and data nodes that include the requirements of RHEL and IBM Cloud Pak® foundational services. This topic outlines the requirements for starter productions.

Graphical representation of the requirements

This image represents the starter production hardware cluster requirements. These requirements are detailed in the below sections.

Extra small production hardware cluster requirements

Starter production hardware cluster requirements

Table 1. Starter production hardware cluster requirements
  Number of nodes CPU per node RAM per node System disk per node
OpenShift base requirements/Guardium Insights nodes 3 24 cores 64 GB 120 GB
Kubernetes storage n/a n/a n/a 8 TB
Important: If you are using Openshift Data Foundation (previously OpenShift Container Storage) for storage, there are additional hardware requirements. See Validated storage options for more information.

Requirements outside the cluster

Table 2. Requirements outside the cluster
  CPU RAM System disk
Load balancer for OpenShift Container Platform n/a n/a n/a
Bootstrap server (required temporarily during installation) 4 cores 16 GB 80 GB
Bastion server (used for DCHP, DNS, NTP - and for hosting various files and tools that are used for provisioning the bootstrap server) 6 cores 24 GB 250 GB
LDAP server n/a n/a n/a
Note: Requirements for the LDAP server and OpenShift load balancer vary. You should set the CPU and RAM for these according to the needs of your business.

Persistent storage for starter production hardware clusters

Table 3. Persistent storage
Component Storage type (block/file) Access mode (RWO/RWX) Deployment replicas Recommended storage
Kafka Block RWO 9 250 GB
Zookeeper Block RWO 3 20 GB
MongoDB (data) Block RWO 5 250 GB
MongoDB (log) Block RWO 5 250 GB
Db2® Warehouse (data) Block RWO 3 5000 GB
Universal connector Block RWO 1 50 GB
Sniffer Block RWO 1 50 GB
Redis Block RWO 3 20 GB
Redis Sentinel Block RWO 3 20 GB
Db2 Warehouse (shared) File RWX 1 1000 GB
Ticketing (shared) File RWX 1 20 GB
Universal connector (shared) File RWX 1 50 GB
Sniffer (shared) File RWX 1 50 GB
Universal connector plugin configurations (shared) File RWX 1 20 GB

CPU/Network/Storage requirements

Table 4. CPU/Network/Storage requirements
CPU 2.4 GHz or higher (AVX2 instruction set is required).
Network 10 GB Ethernet (GbE) between all nodes, including storage.
Storage Network attached (SAN) SSD at 3000 MB/sec IO (see the above section to learn the amount of storage that is required).