Creating a custom report by copying an existing report

In GuardiumĀ® Insights, you can copy existing reports (including predefined reports) and modify them to suit your needs to create a custom report.

Before you begin

To open the reports page, select Reports in the main menu at the upper left of the page (open this menu by clicking the main menu icon (main menu). You can also access the reports by selecting View all reports in the Favorite reports card in the Guardium Insights overview page.


  1. In the Reports page, select the report that you want to copy. This will open the report.
  2. In the report, click Save As. This opens the Name the report dialog box.
  3. By default, the Report name and Description fields assume the values of the report that you are creating (the dialog box is populated with the original report name followed by a number because report names must be unique - and it is populated with the same description as the original report). If desired, specify a different unique report name for the copied report - and set your own report description.
  4. After you click Save, the report opens and you can modify it as needed.