Monitor DNS to catch the new CNAME record

About this task

Important: This topic is only applicable if you created a Pseudo-Public DNS (PPDN) for Azure.

The installation program has started to configure cluster resources and will soon start the Control Plane layer which will be available through the API. Dynamically-assigned IP addresses in Azure cloud will be referenced in your DNS zone through the CNAME record, which refers to a domain managed by Microsoft.

Because the zone is not reliable, you need to configure the bastion server to properly resolve api.<cluster_name>.<zone_name> (for example, or

To accomplish this, you will monitor the DNS zone until a CNAME record appears in it:

watch -n 5 az network dns record-set cname list -g "<dns_resource_group>" -z "<public_domain_name>"

For example, on a new bastion server console, issue this command:

watch -n 5 az network dns record-set cname list  -g gi300-dns  -z gi.priv.test

Now, you can view the output and gather the CNAME and FQDN from it. For example, given this sample output:

The API CNAME is and the new FQDN is

During deployment, we can also view in the user interface that a new application has been created. For example, for dns_resource_group=gi301, you can see the gi-301-8lx7f-identity: