When you first sign in to IBM Security Guardium® Insights, you are prompted to set things up for future use. You will set administrator credentials for logging in - and you will be guided as you establish connections to your data sources.

Logging in to Guardium Insights

Guardium Insights employs a single sign-on (SSO) service provided by Cloud Pak Administration Hub that allows you to log in via one of these methods:

  • a Guardium Insights LDAP connection from which your account has been added as a user(Enterprise LDAP)
  • your OpenShift® cluster (OpenShift authentication)
  • IBM Cloud Pak® foundational services (Default authentication)

If, for example, you authenticate via IBM Cloud Pak foundational services, your sign-on will allow you to use other IBM Cloud Pak foundational services that your account has access to without signing in again.

Note: Once you choose a method of authentication, it is assumed that you will use that method for future authentication. To change your authentication method, click Change your authentication type.

After logging in to Guardium Insights, click your user icon in the top right corner to sign out. When you click this icon, you can also see your account number (or tenant ID). Your tenant ID is an alphanumeric identifier that begins with TNT_.

Data source connections

Before you can use Guardium Insights for monitoring data, you need to connect to at least one data source. You can choose from one of these supported data sources: