Outliers parameters

A list of Outliers parameters and what each one controls.

Though not recommended, it is possible to fine-tune the Outlier engine's parameters. If you'd like to adjust the parameters, contact IBM Guardium support.

To view and edit Outliers parameters, go to Global settings > Analytics settings in the Guardium® Insights UI.

Parameter name


Default value UI/API
1 alertsPerDay Budget of outlier alerts per day. This parameter has a learning period. 24 UI
3 cleanupKeepDays Purge of unused users 90 API


Details on high-volume Outliers 500 UI


Warm up time, in days; max 14 (budgetTrainingDays) according to GDP GuardAPI doc. 7 UI


List of group IDs, separated by commas Sensitive objects UI

Admin Users

List of group IDs, separated by commas Admin users UI

The details in the table are the parameter values that are assigned by default. You can also edit parameters with APIs, in addition to the UI.

Activate the SWAGGER UI to run APIs, by running these commands

oc login … 
oc patch route staging-apigateway-docs --type merge -n staging -p "{\"spec\":{\"path\": \"/docs\" }}"

Then, go to the SWAGGER UI. To get the current configuration parameters, use:

GET /api/v1/configs?type=Analytics 

To update one or more configuration parameters, use:

PATCH /api/v1/configs/{id} 
For example, set the ID you see in the GET request both in the form and when you complete the details. Complete the details to update as follows. (More than one parameter or option can be set, if you’d like. Separate options with a comma):
  "Name": "",
  "Options": {
    "demoMode": "1"

  "_id": "62bb14cd668afc81aaadad47"

Outliers-engine reflects the demoMode and other parameter values before each data source it starts to work on.

See Using Guardium Insights API for details.