Extract the IP address for the Public CNAME and add it to /etc/hosts

About this task

Important: This topic is only applicable if you created a Pseudo-Public DNS (PPDN) for Azure.

Now, you will translate the public CNAME (for example, gi300.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com) to an IP address.

Issue this command:

nslookup  <api_cname>

For example,

nslookup  gi300-9gbsd.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com

The output should be similar to:

To avoid errors, immediately modify /etc/hosts on the bastion server where the OCP installation process is working. Modify the file by adding this line:

<discovered_ip_above> api.<cluster_name>.<zone_name>

For example,

<IP>   api.gi300.gi.priv.test