Creating an OpenShift cluster

To install Guardium Insights, you must first create an OpenShift cluster in the Virtual Private Cloud.

About this task

The images that are included in the following procedure are examples. When you follow the procedure, you must select the options that are applicable to your deployment.


  1. Create a VPC.
    1. From the IBM Cloud menu, select VPC Infrastructure.
    2. Select VPCs.
    3. Click Create to create a VPC in the same zone in which you deploy the cluster.
    4. You must have a subnet in your zone. Edit your subnet and attach it to a public gateway.
      Edit subnet
    5. After the VPC is generated, open it and click the link to the security group.
      Security group
    6. Click Rules and add the appropriate rule to allow traffic flow. In the following example, all traffic is allowed:
    Add rules
  2. Create a VPC Gen2 cluster.
    1. From the IBM Cloud menu, access Openshift > Clusters
    2. Click Create Cluster.
    3. Choose the supported version of OCP and entitlements that apply to your deployment.
    4. Under Infrastructure, select VPC.
    5. From the Virtual Private Cloud drop-down menu, select the VPC that you created.
    6. For the Location, select one of the worker zones where your VPC is located.
    7. For the Worker pool, each worker pool must be equipped with 16 CPUs, 64 GB RAM, and at least eight worker nodes.
    8. Provide a name for the cluster.
    9. Optional: Select any additional integration options that are applicable to your deployment.
    10. Click Create cluster.
    Create cluster
  3. After your Cluster is deployed and the Ingress subdomain is available, install the storage classes.
    1. Scroll down to the add ons that are Available to Install.
    2. Click Install for OpenShift Data Foundation.
    3. Provide three comma-separated workers IP addresses to install OCS. For example:,,

      You must not use these three compute nodes for Db2.

      It might take some time for the processing to complete. To validate the installation, check the OpenShift-storage namespace for the installed operator and ensure that all the pods are up and running.

      Validate installed operator
    4. Select the operator, then go to Storage Cluster. The ics-storagecluster must display the status as Phase:Ready.
      Install status

What to do next

Log in to the cluster.