Creating an OpenShift cluster

Create a Red Hat OpenShift cluster on IBM Cloud with classic infrastructure.


  1. In the IBM Cloud dashboard, click OpenShift.
  2. Click OpenShift Clusters > Create Cluster
    1. Enter the Orchestration service: Select the required OpenShift® version, for example OpenShift 4.7.30.
    2. For OCP entitlement, select Apply my Cloud Pak OCP entitlement to this worker pool.
    3. For Infrastructure, ensure that Classic is selected.
    4. In the Location section, select your Worker zone (for example, Dallas 12):
      OpenShift cluster location
    5. In the Worker pool section, select Change flavor:
      • Enter a unique Worker pool name. If you do not enter a name, it will assume of name of default.
      • Set the Master service endpoint to both private and public endpoints.
      • Under Resource Details > Cluster name, enter a cluster name (for example, Mycluster-dal12).
      OpenShift worker pool
  3. Click the create option to provision the cluster.
  4. After the cluster is created (this may take some time), you can review its details by clicking State. You can also check the Ingress Subdomain. When doing this, copy the Master URL for later use.
  5. Click OpenShift web console to redirect to and open the OCP Console:
    OpenShift web console button
  6. In the OpenShift web console menu bar, click your IAM profile ( and select Copy Login Command. This displays the oc login command for authenticating via the command line interface (CLI). For example:
    oc login token=sha256~ynpvzKe8jaVipXXXXriqqt4g3T7VHB2sVlsZqOiHBY --server=