Install Openshift Data Foundation (previously OpenShift Container Storage) storage class


  1. In the web console, select Operators > OperatorHub.
  2. Scroll or type a keyword into the Filter by keyword box to search for OpenShift Container Storage Operator.
  3. Click Install on the OpenShift Container Storage Operator page.
  4. In the Install Operator page, these required options are selected by default:
    1. Update Channel: stable-4.7
    2. Installation Mode: A specific namespace on the cluster
    3. Installed Namespace Operator recommended namespace openshift-storage
      Note: If the openshift-storage namespace does not exist, it will be created during the operator installation.
    4. Select Approval Strategy: Automatic or Manual
    5. Click Install.

    To verify the installation, ensure that there is a green check mark in the Status column of the Openshift Data Foundation (previously OpenShift Container Storage) operator:

  5. To create the Openshift Data Foundation (previously OpenShift Container Storage) cluster, follow the instructions in

    Select only those worker nodes on which you don’t want to run Db2®. Select at least 3 worker nodes.

    To verify that the storage class is installed, issue the oc get sc command. The output should be similar to:

    NAME                          PROVISIONER                             RECLAIMPOLICY   VOLUMEBINDINGMODE      ALLOWVOLUMEEXPANSION   AGE
    managed-premium (default)                Delete          WaitForFirstConsumer   true                   3d18h
    ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rbd      Delete          Immediate              true                   3d
    ocs-storagecluster-cephfs   Delete          Immediate              true                   3d         Delete          Immediate              false                  3d