Ensure that you have the Azure Application Administrator role and tenant directory


  1. Log in to the at Azure user interface at https://portal.azure.com/?fromAccountsPortal=true#blade/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/ManagedAppMenuBlade/Permissions/objectId/e71accd1-b2ce-470d-a537-c610344ba56d/appId/88fe85f4-ef3d-49f1-a82b-2b070ab781f0.
    1. In the search field, type Users and then open the Users service.
    2. In the list of returned users, select your own username to open the User Profile page.
    3. Select Assigned roles. Ensure that you have been assigned the role of Application administrator:
  2. Ensure that you are subscribed to the correct tenant:
    1. Log in to the Azure user interface, as described in the previous step.
    2. Go to your user profile and select User > Switch Directory.
    3. Select the correct tenant directory (for example, Project-IBM_Security_IS-POC).