ServiceNow ticketing configuration

GuardiumĀ® Insights allows integrations with a variety of ticketing services so that you can create tickets based on Guardium Insights findings.

Before you begin

Supported ticketing types are described in Ticketing support.

The ticketing configuration settings allow you to do two things:

  • If the ticketing system that you want to connect to employs an SSL certificate for trusted browser access, you will need to upload its certificate to Guardium Insights so that it can connect to the system (you must do this before creating the connection). You will need to copy the certificate (typically from your browser). The certificate will start with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and it will end with -----END CERTIFICATE----- - and must be copied in its entirety (including these two begin and end lines). The entire certificate will be similar to this:
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  • Connect to your ticketing system by specifying its URL and authentication credentials. If you will authenticate via an API key and secret, ensure that you have the key and secret available for providing to Guardium Insights.

To open the settings menu, select Settings (main menu). After opening the settings menu, choose Integrations.


  1. Choose the ServiceNow card.
  2. After reading the About information, click Next.
  3. The integration Name field defaults to ServiceNow. This name can be modified, but it must be a unique name.
  4. URL: Enter the URL of the ticketing system (any URL for the system can be entered - Guardium Insights will make use of the URL's host name only).
  5. Authentication Type: Choose 'Basic' API key and secret or 'Basic' as username and password.
    • If you choose 'Basic' as username and password, enter your credentials in the Unsername and Password fields.
    • If you chose 'Basic' API key and secret authentication, enter your ticketing system's API key in the API key field and then enter the secret in the Key secret field.
  6. If your ticketing system employs an SSL certificate, you must provide the certificate to Guardium Insights:
    1. Required: Alias: Enter an alias for the certificate.
    2. Required: Details: In this field, paste the certificate that you copied (described above).
  7. After you connect to the ticketing system, templates for tickets are generated by Guardium Insights. There are templates for a variety of notification types (for example, policy alert notifications and anomaly notifications). The templates map Guardium Insights data to ticketing fields and they includes other modifiable fields.
    1. To enable or disable any of the notification templates, click the slider next to the template.
    2. If a template is enabled, you can modify it by clicking Edit next to the template.
    3. To create a template for the notification from scratch, click Create a template.


After you create a ticketing integration, it is automatically enabled. You can disable or delete the integration by selecting its menu. You can also open the integration and click its top right hand slider to enable or disable it.