Guardium Insights restore custom resource file options

When you restore Guardium Insights, you must employ a YAML custom resource (CR) file.

The custom resource file looks similar to this:

kind: Restore
  name: insights
  targetGIInstance: gi-sample
      # Directory name of a full backup in the pv attached.
      # default to the most recent full backup
      DATA_DIR: gi-backup-2021-10-28-1730   
      SYS_DEBUG: True
     # This volumes section is optional, the sourceName will
     # default to <value of targetGIInstance>-pvc-backup
        # Name of the PVC
        sourceName: "whatever"
  • The targetGIinstance must have the same name that was used in the CR file for backups.
  • The DATA_DIR is optional. If you don't specify a DATA_DIR, the system will pick the most recent backups from the PV.
  • The SYS_DEBUG: true field is optional (it defaults to False). You can include SYS_DEBUG: true in the insightsEnv section to pause the restore pod at the end of the restore process in order to review the log.
  • The self-created PVC for backups must be named <value of targetGIInstance>-pvc-backup, but the restore PVC name can have any name if it contains valid Guardium Insights full backups.