Creating your own group

If the predefined groups in GuardiumĀ® Insights do not suit your needs, you can manually create your own groups.

Before you begin

By default, you must be assigned the Administrator role to be able to manage groups.
Important: If you have policy rules that use groups as rule conditions, modifying the groups by adding or removing members will result in re-installation of the active policy rules.

To open the Groups page, select Groups in the main menu at the upper left of the page (open this menu by clicking the main menu icon (main menu).


  1. Click Add group to open the Create a group dialog box.
  2. Name: Enter a name for the group (maximum 255 characters). This name is used to distinguish this group from other groups in Guardium Insights.
  3. Description: Enter a description for the group. This field accepts a maximum of 1000 characters.
  4. Type: Choose the type of group that you are creating.
  5. Set as a parent group that only contains other groups: Parent groups: Some groups in Guardium Insights are parent groups without members of their own. These groups accept only child groups and they become populated when you manually add groups to them or when you import groups of the same name from Guardium. Select this checkbox if you want to set the group to be a parent group.
  6. Click Save.


The new group opens to its details page, where you can add members and import members from a CSV file.