Risk Events on the overview dashboard

View Risk Events from the Guardium Insights overview dashboard.

To open the dashboard, select Dashboards in the main menu () at the upper left of the page.

The Classic Guardium Insights overview dashboard has four cards with Risk Event charts:

  • All Risk Events
  • Risk Events based on databases
  • Risk Events based on database users
  • Risk Events based on operating system users

Each chart presents the number of open Risk Events with a breakdown by severity level. The Risk Events are filtered by the dashboard’s time range. Only Risk Events that had findings during the dashboard’s time range are included in the charts.

Each chart card has a link to open the Risk Events list page.

Risk Event list card
Displays a list of the open Risk Events, ordered by their severity level. Events of the highest severity appear first. Click a Risk Event category to access the Risk Event page. See details of the Risk Event page under Viewing and managing a Risk Event.