Run the all-in-one script

About this task

Run the commands to start the installation process of GuardiumĀ® Insights and its dependencies

cd $LOCAL_CASE_DIR/ibm-guardium-insights/inventory/automateInstall/files
./ | tee -a $LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR/installation.log

This command takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

See this sample Guardium Insights CR file:


When prompted with If you want to continue with the provided yaml file for Guardium Insights CR creation (yes/no)?, you have two options:

  • Enter yes to create the CR file. The output will be similar to this:
    APPLYING created
    -----IBM Security Guardium Insights Auto-Installation Successfully Completed----------
  • If you enter no, you can install Guardium Insights manually by creating a .yaml file.

    After creating the yaml file, apply it:

    oc apply -f <filename.yaml>