Identify message and interface types for SEPA credit transfer

For FTM for SEPA Services, communication between FTM and external systems, services, or both, is assumed to be MQ.

The following table shows the message format support that is required for SEPA credit transfer.
Table 1. MQ message format support required for SEPA credit transfer
Source System Target System Format Business Purpose
Client FTM STEP2.pacs008 FI to FI Customer Credit Transfer
Client FTM ISO.PAIN001 Customer Credit Transfer Initiation
Client FTM STEP2.pacs004 Payment Return
Client FTM ISO.camt055 Customer Payment Cancellation Request
FTM Client STEP2.pacs008 FI to FI Customer Credit Transfer
FTM Client STEP2.pacs004 Payment Return
FTM Client ISO.PACS002 FI to FI Payment Status Report
FTM Client ISO.PAIN002 Customer Payment Status Report
FTM STEP2 STEP2.SCT.ICF Input Credit File (ICF)
STEP2 FTM STEP2.SCT.CVF Credit Validation File (CVF)
STEP2 FTM STEP2.SCT.CCF Canceled Credit File (CCF)
STEP2 FTM STEP2.SCT.SCF Settled Credit File (SCF)
FTM Client STEP2.SCT.DRR Daily Reconciliation Report (DRR)