Installing an operating system on an X-Architecture compute node

There are several ways to install an operating system on an X-Architecture compute node. Use this procedure to install an operating system on an X-Architecture compute node while you are accessing the management software locally. The management software does not need to be connected to the data network.

Note: Before you begin, load an ISO image of the operating system on an external or portable storage device, such as a USB device.
  1. Insert the USB device in the USB connector on the front of the Flex System Manager Types 7955, 8731, and 8734 management node.
  2. From the Chassis Manager in the management software console, select Compute node and start a Remote Control session.
  3. From the Remote Control session, click Mount remote media. If the USB device is inserted in the USB connector, it will be mounted to the management software file system.
  4. Click Select a file and then click Add.
  5. Navigate to the /media/vdXN directory (where X is any letter from A - Z, and N is any number from 1 - 9) and select the ISO image of an operating system.
  6. Click Mount all to mount the ISO image to the compute node.
  7. Restart the compute node by clicking Restart from the Power® menu. When the compute node restarts, it boots from the ISO image and installs the operating system on the compute node. If the compute node does not boot to the ISO image, make sure that the boot options on the compute node are set to include the mounted USB device. You can change the boot options for the compute node through the Setup Utility (Alt+Ctrl+F1) on the compute node.
    Note: During the installation of the operating system, the compute node might restart automatically. Make sure that you unmount the ISO image by clicking Unmount all.
  8. Close the Remote Media session to unmount the USB device from the management software file system.