FlashCore Modules

FlashSystem 9200 supports up to 24 IBM FlashCore® Modules.

IBM® FlashCore Modules (FCM) are a family of high-performance flash drives in a standard 2.5", 15mm form factor. The FlashCore Module design utilizes the NVMe protocol, a PCIe Gen3 U.2 interface, and high-speed NAND memory to provide high throughput and IOPS with consistent and predictable latency. FlashCore Modules are available in 4.8 TBu (Terabytes usable) / 21.99 TBe (Terabytes effective), 9.6 TBu / 21.99 TBe, 19.2 TBu / 43.98 TB for FCM 1.0 and FCM 2.0. FCM 2.0 adds an additional capacity of 38.4 TBu / 87.96 TBe.

Hardware-based data compression and self-encryption are supported. The FlashCore Modules are accessible from the front of the enclosure.

Important: FlashSystem 9200
  • FlashCore Modules are not interchangeable with the flash modules used in FlashSystem 900 storage enclosures.