FlashCore Modules

IBM® FlashCore Modules (FCM) are a family of high-performance flash drives in a standard 2.5", 15mm form factor. FlashSystem 5200 supports IBM FlashCore® Modules.

The FlashCore Module design utilizes the NVMe protocol, a PCIe Gen3/ Gen4 U.2 interface, and high-speed NAND memory to provide high throughput and IOPS with consistent and predictable latency. The FlashCore Modules are accessible from the front of the enclosure. Hardware-based data compression and self-encryption are supported.

FlashCore Modules are available in 4.8 TB, 9.6 TB, 19.2 TB and 38.4 TB.

Table 1. FlashCore Modules sizes and capacities
Terabytes Usable Terabytes Effective
  FCM 1.0 FCM 2.0
4.8 21.99 21.99
9.6 21.99 21.99
19.2 43.98 43.98
38.4 N/A 87.96

The 4.8 TB and 9.6 TB drives are using PCIe Gen 3 interface.

Important: FlashSystem 5200
  • 38.4 TB FCM 2.0 drives cannot be used in an array unless the minimum system software level is
  • FlashCore Modules are not interchangeable with the flash modules used in FlashSystem 900 storage enclosures.
  • FCM 3.0 is not interchangeable with FCM 1.0 and FCM 2.0