IBM Storage Expert Care

IBM® Storage Expert Care is designed to simplify and standardize the support approach on the IBM FlashSystem® portfolio. The simple service tiers and pricing facilitate straightforward support for Storage products.


When it comes to maintaining your systems and devices, you want to procure critical services as easily as possible. IBM Storage Expert Care provides access to IT services that can help clients avoid longer procurement and contracting processes by enabling the procurement of tiers of service support during the product purchase transaction.

On acquiring an IBM FlashSystem 5200 system, you are offered with base warranty that is Parts Only, HW CRU (9x5 available as exception), Remote Technical Support included (HW only) with limited onsite support.

All FlashSystem 5200 systems have two tiers of Storage Expert Care available to select. You can select one of the services or support tiers based on your needs and 1 - 5 years coverage choice during product sales and ordering process.
  • Storage Expert Care Basic
  • Storage Expert Care Advanced
FlashSystem 5200 offerings consist of a control enclosure and three expansion enclosure models.
  • FlashSystem 5200 control enclosure Model 6H2
  • FlashSystem 5200 expansion enclosure models 12G, 24G, and 92G

Key requirements

FlashSystem 5200 systems require IBM Spectrum® Virtualize licensed, code level 8.4.0, or later. FlashSystem 5200 control enclosures support external storage virtualization. Use of the external virtualization capability is entitled through the acquisition of IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software for SAN Volume Controller (SW PID 5641-VC8 in AAS and SW PID 5725-M19 in Passport Advantage®).

Hardware MTM different than Service and Support MTM (allows for OPEX or CAPEX Client needs). Models are described Tier and Years.

For a comprehensive list of supported environments, devices, and configurations, go to the IBM System Storage® Interoperation Center (SSIC).

Warranty services

IBM provides repair or exchange services, which depends on the types of warranty service that is specified for the MTM. IBM attempts to resolve your problem over the telephone, or electronically through an IBM website. Certain MTM contains remote support capabilities for direct problem reporting, remote problem determination, and resolution with IBM. You must follow the problem determination and resolution procedures that IBM specifies. Following problem determination, if IBM determines that onsite service is required, scheduling of service depends upon the time of your call, technology and redundancy, and availability of parts. If applicable to your product, parts considered Client Replaceable Units (CRUs) to be provided as part of the unit's standard warranty service. Service levels are response-time objectives and are not promised. The specified level of warranty service cannot be available in all worldwide locations. Extra charges can apply outside IBM's normal service area. Contact your local IBM representative or your reseller for country-specific and location-specific information.