Installing FileNet Process Designer

You use FileNet Process Designer to deploy test systems into full production. You can install Filenet Process Designer interactively or silently.

Before you begin

Be sure that you have available the Installation and Upgrade Worksheet that was completed during your planning activities.

About this task

From V5.5.6 and later, the Content Platform Engine tools, including FileNet Process Designer, are no longer installed by the Content Platform Engine server installation. The installer for FileNet Process Designer is now available as part of the Content Platform Engine Tools package, which you can download from Passport Advantage. The instructions for installing FileNet Process Designer are included in the package.

Container installations can also use the Content Platform Engine Tools package to install FileNet Process Designer.


To install FileNet Process Designer:

  1. Open your completed Installation and Upgrade Worksheet file.
    Tip: In the worksheet file, verify that the Data > Filter > AutoFilter command is enabled. To view only Content Platform Engine values, filter by CPE Installer in the Installation or Configuration Program column.
  2. (Windows only) On the machine where you will install FileNet Process Designer, log on as a member of the Local Administrators group or the Power® Users group.
  3. Access the Content Platform Engine installation software.
  4. Start the Tools installation. FileNet Process Designer is installed with the Content Platform Engine tools.
    Option Description
    Interactive installation
    1. Run the Content Platform Engine installation program: 5.5.x-P8CE-WIN.EXE
    2. To install FileNet Process Designer, choose only the Tools option in the installation program.
    3. Complete the program installation wizard by using the values from your worksheet.
    Silent installation
    1. Open the CE_silent_install.txt file in the software package for editing.
    2. Set the parameter values in the CE_silent_install.txt file for your site. Be sure to set the CHOSEN_INSTALL_FEATURE_LIST parameter value to Tools
    3. Set the LAUNCH_CM value to 0.
    4. Save your edits.
    5. Run the Content Platform Engine installation program: 5.5.x-P8CE-WIN.EXE -i silent -f CE_silent_install.txt

    The installer name that you run corresponds to the version that you want to install, for example, 5.5.0, 5.5.1, and so on.

  5. To start FileNet Process Designer:
    1. Navigate to the intall_path/tools/PE directory.
    2. In the tools directory, open a Windows command prompt.
    3. Run the following command, using the name of the connection point that you want to use:
      pedesigner.bat myConnectionPointName