Moving content with sweeps

Use a job sweep or sweep policy to move content for large numbers of documents and annotations from one storage area to another.

Reasons to move content between storage areas are as follows:

  • To retire an obsolete storage device by moving all the content to a replacement device.
  • To archive content by moving it from a primary storage device to an archival device or lower-cost storage.
  • To move federated content from the source repository to a FileNetĀ® P8 device.
  • To move content to fixed storage for regulatory purposes.
  • To change how existing content is stored. For example, configuring a storage area to encrypt content has no effect on the existing stored content. But moving the content to another storage area that is already configured for encryption encrypts the existing content.

Key considerations in creating a move-content sweep are as follows:

  • Document or Annotation content to be moved.
  • Destination storage areas. The storage policy for a sweep determines the set of storage areas that are eligible as destinations for the moved content. If one storage area has a status of OPEN, that area is chosen as the destination storage area. If there are multiple storage areas with a status of OPEN, one of the storage areas is chosen at random.
  • Whether to disable replication on Document or Annotation content, if any. For replicated content that is moved, the sweep can permanently disable the replication after it moves the content. This property supports the use case of decommissioning an external repository that is no longer needed. Any future updates to the content are no longer replicated to or from the external repository.
  • Updating Storage Policy. By default, in a move-content sweep, the value of the Storage Policy property is retained at the document level. This means that even after a move, a check-out reservation of the document is still assigned to the original storage area. For some move sweeps, however, the current storage location is no longer relevant, such as when you are removing a storage location from your environment. In such cases, you can apply the Update storage policy option when you create a move-content sweep job. This changes the Storage Policy for all the documents that are affected by the move to the new storage location.