FileNet P8 domains

The FileNet P8 domain represents a logical grouping of physical resources and the Content Platform Engine servers that provide access to those resources. Each resource and server belong to only one domain. A server can access any resource in the domain, but cannot access any resource that lies outside of the domain.

The FileNet P8 domain is associated with one or more Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) security policy domains. The Java EE domain is used to authenticate users and establish their group memberships. The identity and group membership of the user determine which FileNet P8 domain objects the user can access.

A FileNet P8 domain has the following characteristics:

  • The servers in a FileNet P8 domain are platform-independent and can be in separate Java EE domains.
  • The database servers associated with the FileNet P8 domain can be in a different domain.
  • Content Platform Engine services are associated with the FileNet P8 domain in which the services were originally created and cannot provide services to other FileNet P8 domains.
  • The user names that are used to log on to a client application and to gain access to the FileNet P8 domain are provided by one of the supported application server authentication providers.