Update System User credentials

This procedure describes how to change the user name and password for the Content Platform Engine system user.

About this task

The cpe_system_user credentials are stored in the Global Configuration Database (GCD) and can be updated through the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine. Updating these credentials in the administration console should take the following into consideration:
  • Takes a maximum of only ten minutes to propagate the credentials update to all servers in a cluster.
  • No restart of the Content Platform Engine server is needed.

In previous versions, the Bootstrap administrator user cpe_bootstrap_admin was used to establish a connection to the application server, access the application server's JNDI tree, look up the data sources for accessing the GCD, and start up Content Platform Engine background tasks.

In current versions, a change in method removed the requirement for a Bootstrap administrator user. However, some upgrade scenarios require knowledge of the Bootstrap administrator credentials.


To update the System User credentials:

  1. In the LDAP directory that you use for authenticating Content Platform Engine users, create a new account for the cpe_system_user, or update the name or the password for the currently used account.
  2. Log in to the Administration Console for Content Platform Engine.
    If you are logging in as the System User to make this update, use the new user name and password that you updated in the LDAP directory server.
  3. Open the domain properties page for the FileNetĀ® P8 domain.
  4. Update the user name or password as applicable.