Installing an add-on feature to an object store

After you register an add-on feature in the global configuration database, you can install it to a new or existing object store. To install an add-on, you must have domain-level write permission. In addition, to import data defined in the import data set and to perform the operations in the pre- and post-import scripts, you must have additional access rights that are required for those operations.

About this task

  • Before installing a custom add-on to an object store, verify that there are no system-provided add-ons or other custom add-ons already installed that are not supported by the product that uses your custom add-on. When you create or update an object store for your environment, choose only those add-ons that are supported by your client products or applications.
  • Database tables have a row-size limit, and user-defined add-on properties reduce the row space that is not already reserved for current system properties. If you are in doubt about whether you need an add-on, install it only after you confirm that the add-on is necessary. Add-ons cannot be removed from an object store.


To install an add-on feature to an object store:

  1. Access the object store in the administration console:
    1. In the domain navigation pane, click the object store where you want to install the add-on feature.
    2. In the object store navigation pane, click the name of the object store (the top-level item).
  2. From the Actions menu in the object store tab , click Install Add-On Features.
  3. Select the add-on feature that you want to install and click OK.