Preparing the environment for container deployments

Choose the environment and installation scenario that best suits your needs. Then prepare the environment for FileNetĀ® P8 Platform container deployment.

About this task

The steps you take to prepare your environment vary depending on the supported platform, tools, and methodology you choose to perform your deployment. In any case, the content services containers require the installation of prerequisite software.

When you prepare your environment, record the settings for the databases, LDAP, storage, logging and monitoring choices, and so on. You need these values available to enter into the custom resource YAML file or form UI in the OpenShift console for deployment and configuration. For lists of the parameters that you need to collect, see the following section: Configuration reference.

You can choose from the following installation scenarios:
(V5.5.5 and later) Deployment with operators
Operators make it simpler to install and update without having to worry about the underlying cloud provider. The operator captures the expert knowledge of administrators on how the system ought to behave, how to deploy it, and how to react if problems occur.

For a new P8 domain environment, worker nodes, a directory server, a database installation, and storage are required. Prepare these prerequisites before you begin the configuration and deployment of your containers.