Advanced storage devices

An advanced storage device is one that can be associated with an advanced storage area. OpenStack-conformant cloud storage, Hadoop, S3, and file system storage are advanced storage devices.

Note: An advanced file system storage device is not the same as a file storage area. An advanced file system storage device connects to and supports the features in an advanced storage area, whereas a file storage area does not.

An advanced storage device supports direct streaming of content to the device without the need to stage the content on disk. Multiple advanced storage devices of different types can connect to a single advanced storage area. And a single storage device can be shared by multiple advanced storage areas within the same object store.

You must create the advanced storage devices before you can create the advanced storage area to which the devices will connect. When you create the advanced storage area, you associate the devices with the area. You can later remove devices from an existing advanced storage area, but you cannot add new devices to an existing area.