(V5.5.7 and later) Creating a Webhook event action

You can create a Webhook event action to deliver information about interactions with the Content Platform Engine to other applications. Although you can use an API to configure this event action, you can also specify a Webhook event action in the administration console.


To create a Webhook:

  1. Start the New Event Action wizard in the administration console:
    1. In the domain navigation pane, click the object store.
    2. In the object store navigation pane, right-click the Events, Actions, Processes > Event Actions folder and click New Event Action.
    3. For the type of event action to create, specify Webhook.
  2. Complete the wizard.
    Specify the values for your configuration:
    • External Event Receiver URL
    • Credential Type - For a Webhook event action, this value is read-only.
    • Credential Key
    • External Event Receiver Registration Identifier
  3. Create a document class for Webhook.
  4. Create a subscription to the new document class with the Webhook event action that you created.
    For details, see Creating a subscription.

What to do next

For more information about Webhooks, see the following resources: