Planning for a production deployment

Before you install the container, it is important to understand what you need, what options you have, the entitlement of your license, and how you can measure the usage of your deployments.

As a DevOps administrator, you need to produce a deployment plan on private/hybrid/public cloud to support your line of business (LoB) needs. You must work with other IT administrators (Enterprise Cloud Admin, FileNet Admin, DBA Admin, Security Admin, LDAP Admin) to gather information on the corporate IT infrastructure. Information such as databases, LDAP, security, Kafka, and storage classes are paramount to create a picture of your deployment architecture. All of this data is needed to properly configure the component.

Important: Usage metrics help you to ensure that the sum of all CPU limits do not exceed the Virtual Processing Cores (VPC) entitlements on all virtual servers. You can view and track the license usage by installing the License Service for containerized standalone software. For more information, see Installing License Service for standalone software.