FileNet P8 Platform, Version 5.2.1   Database:  DB2   Application server:  WebSphere Application Server   Operating systems:  AIX, Linux, Windows

Preparing for the single-server installation

To prepare for the single-server installation, you must create a download directory with all the software packages that are required for a full FileNet® P8 Platform installation. You can download the installation packages from the IBM® Passport Advantage® website.

Before you begin

The Composite Platform Installation Tool uses a set of predetermined software installation packages. To see a list of the specific packages by part number that are required for this installation tool, see the IBM FileNet P8 system requirements. In the guide, search for the section on the composite platform installation tool. Use the part numbers that are specified in that guide to create the download directory, as shown in this task.


To prepare for the installation:

  1. Log on as an administrator to the server where you plan to run the Composite Platform Installation Tool.
  2. Create a directory for the installation packages on the server where you plan to install. As an example: Platform_Downloads. You must have at least 20 GB of space available.
  3. Download the software packages for all components for your platform to the download directory that you created on the server.
    Important: Make a note of each file name and component as you download or copy the file into the download directory. Files that are named as part numbers might be difficult to identify when you rename them to the names used by the installation tool.
    Download the installation packages as compressed files, but do not extract the installation packages in the download directory.
    • Content Platform Engine
    • Content Platform Engine Client
    • Workplace XT
    • WebSphere® Application Server
    • IBM Installation Manager
    • IBM Content Navigator
    • Tivoli® Directory Server
    • DB2®
    • DB2 Restricted License
  4. Rename the compressed files to the names that are used by the installation tool. The installation tool looks for these new names when it installs and configures the software components. Do not change the file extensions.
    Important: Do not rename the WebSphere Application Server fix pack.
    Use the following names:
    Table 1. Names for installation images
    Component compressed file (partnumber.fileextension) Rename to this: (newname.fileextension)
    Content Platform Engine ce.tar.gz(AIX®, Linux), (Windows)
    Content Platform Engine Client cec.tar.gz (AIX, Linux), (Windows)
    Workplace XT wpxt
    Start of changeWebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 (1 of 3)

    WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 (2 of 3)

    WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 (3 of 3)

    End of change
    Start of

    End of change
    IBM Installation Manager ( all platforms)
    IBM Content Navigator icn.tar (AIX, Linux), (Windows)
    Tivoli Directory Server tds.tar (AIX, Linux), (Windows)
    GSKit V8 for TDS 6.3 (Linux only) tdsgskit.tar
    DB2 9.7 Fix Pack 5

    DB2-aix64-server- (AIX)

    DB2-linuxx64-server- (Linux)

    DB2-ntx64-server-9.7.500.702-FP005 (Windows)

    db2.tar.gz (AIX, Linux), (Windows)
    DB2 9.7 License db2lic
    For example, the Tivoli Directory Server compressed file: must be renamed to
  5. Create a backup of your server. Use this backup if you need to rerun the Composite Platform Installation Tool.

Last updated: March 2016

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