IBM FileNet P8, Version 5.2.1            

Retention and holds

You can implement data protection and long-term retention by setting retention policies and holds on documents. Retention policies and holds are important components of an overall information lifecycle governance program.

Retention controls deletion by setting a date and time before which the object cannot be deleted. Although you can set and modify the date on each object individually, more typically retention defaults according to a policy expressed at the class level.

A hold is a means of preventing deletion of an object. Holds are typically used in litigation scenarios where a set of documents is identified as being relevant to a legal matter. The documents are then placed on hold so that they cannot be deleted until the matter has been resolved. Holds can be applied by using eDiscovery Manager or IBM® Enterprise Records. Using FileNet® P8 you can view the hold status of a document.

Last updated: March 2016

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