Content Platform Engine, Version 5.2.1              

Installing Content Platform Engine

You must install the Content Platform Engine software to place the software on the server. You can install the software interactively with a wizard or silently from the command line.

Before you begin

Be sure that you have available the Installation and Upgrade Worksheet that was completed during your planning activities.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 (and later) has a security feature that can cause errors during installation. For details on resolving the issue before you install, see the System requirements: Hardware and software requirements for IBM® FileNet® P8 and search for "SELinux".

About this task

You can install the Content Platform Engine components shown in the following table. Note that some of the components can be installed only on Windows.

Table 1. Content Platform Engine components
Component Description
Content Platform Engine Install this software as the major Content Platform Engine component. When you install Content Platform Engine, Configuration Manager, tools, and Administration Console for Content Platform Engine are also installed.
.NET Clients Install this software only on client machines where you intend to run custom applications.
Tools Install tools on the Content Platform Engine server to get a number of tools for both content and workflow management use. You can install only the tools on a workstation to get workflow system tools to run remotely from the Content Platform Engine server. Install tools if you need FileNet Deployment Manager. This tool is available only on Windows and Linux configurations. FileNet Deployment Manager is needed for IBM Case Manager configuration. Installation of either the Content Platform Engine server or the Content Platform Engine tools is a prerequisite to installation of IBM Case Foundation tools.

Last updated: March 2016

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