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Copy object reference

Every Content Platform Engine object has a system-assigned, read-only property that is called the OIID (Object Instance Identifier). This property is a globally unique identifier that is used to identify and locate an independently persistent object. If you know the OIID for the object, you can use it, for example, in a search to find an object that has an object-valued property that is assigned to it whose value is that object.

About this task

This method is available for the appropriate root classes and of object-valued properties. Each object reference that you copy is added to the object paste buffer.


To copy an object reference:

  1. In the administration console, locate the object whose object reference you want to copy.
  2. Right-click the object and click Copy Object Reference. The object reference is added to the paste buffer where it is saved for later use.
    Restriction: Some items, such as task objects, do not have the Copy Object Reference menu option available. The object reference is required in order to create task relationships. If the menu option is not available, complete the following steps.
    1. From the Properties tab for the object, select All Properties.
    2. From the properties list, click the arrow after the This property and click Copy Object Reference.


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